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company news about What are the main components of a power supply?

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China Dongguan Analog Power Electronic Co., Ltd certification
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Company News
What are the main components of a power supply?

What are the main components of a power supply unit?


As we known that a power supply is a system that provides electricity to electrical devices.

This system ensures that the power supply to devices corresponds with their needs regardless of the parameters of the electrical network.The function of a power supply unit is to deliver a stable voltage whatever the value of the input current.

To do this, there are different components: the filter, the stabilizer and the regulator.


The filter


The filter makes the output voltage from the rectifier as continuous as possible.

Its main component is a capacitor, the value of which is often high, around several microfarads (µF).


The stabilizer


The stabilizer fixes the output voltage at a given value, this output voltage does not follow the evolution of the input voltage.

A structure composed of a zener diode associated with a ballast transistor absorbs the variations in charges.


The regulator


The regulator sets the output voltage at a given value but, unlike the stabilizer, it follows its evolution.

If the output voltage decreases, then the regulator changes its parameters to compensate for this decrease.

This structure is carried out either by a regulator or by a structure associated with a ballast transistor.

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